Electrical and electronic equipment is equipment which is dependent on electrical currents or electromagnetic fields in order to work properly. Equipment works properly when it fullfils the function for which it was designed/marketed.Being dependent on electrical currents means that the equipment can no longer work properly when the current or the field is disconnected. 

Producer responsibility applies whether the equipment is intended for professional or private use.

Examples of equipment for generation of electrical currents and electromagnetic fields

Equipment for generation of electrical currents is also known as generators. This may be a gasoline generator for operating electrical tools on a construction site,a fuel cell, a windmill, or a solar panel.

Some types of generator are not covered by the producer responsibility scope, such as car generators. However, such equipment is covered by the general rules of the Order for management of scrap, once they have been removed from the car.

Examples of equipment for transfer of electrical currents and electromagnetic fields

Transfer of electrical currents and electromagnetic fields takes place by way of cables, antennas, plugs etc. This type of equipment is thus also covered in line with other electrical and electronic equipment. Note that cables without plug (endless cables) are considered as components and are not covered by producer responsibility (endless cables are, however, covered by the general provisions of the Order).

Examples of equipment for measurement of electrical currents and electromagnetic fields

Voltmeters, radar, and magnetic field meter. It is NOT decisive whether the equipment is active or passive. Active means a piece of equipment using electrical currents to fulfil its function, whereas the passive product stands for the heat loss. An example of an active product is an antenna fitted with an amplifier, where the passive example would be the same antenna without the amplifier. 


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