In the document series "Scoping of Products" DPA-System publishes assessments that are made in order to decide whether certain product groups are subject to producer responsibility. This is also referred to as “scoping” of a product.

In the below table you can find the assessments that have been/will be made. In most cases the assessment document of the product (see links) will give more details.

Product In scope  Exemptions  Latest revision
Automatic dispensers  Yes    Jun. 2014 
Cables Yes Cables and wires on drums without plugs Oct.2010
Control Panels Yes
Electronic Plumbering, Heating and Sanitary (PHS) equipment Yes
Oct. 2014
Lighting equipment Yes
Jun. 2014
Printer cartridges Yes
Aug. 2014
Pumps Yes Pibes and tubes on large modular pumps Sep.2010
Photovoltaic panels  Yes
Jun. 2014
Ventilation aggregates and plants Yes Pipes and tubes April 2019
Wind turbines  Yes Tower or pylon, wings, nacelle Sep.2010
Last edited: 03/05/2019
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