Identification of the end-user

Definition of end-user: The end-user is the private person or the business/public institution that uses the piece of equipment when it becomes waste.

It is important to identify whether the end-user of a product is a business or a private household. This distinction is related to logistics in waste management and thereby take-back duties under the producer responsibility scheme.

Equipment used in households:

Equipment used in businesses:

Equipment manufactured for use in private households, including equipment of the same type and volume as used in private and public institutions and businesses; for instance, an ordinary coffee machine.

Equipment specifically manufactured for use in private and public institutions and businesses and being equipment that is normally not used in private households.

End-user households

Equipment defined as ’end-user households’ normally ends its life in the waste stream collected by the local authority, for instance through recycling centres. The local authority separates WEEE into five waste fractions. Subsequently, producers and importers must collect this WEEE from the local authority and ensure further management.

If the local authority finds that a batch is a larger (uniform) waste quantity than would normally be seen in an ordinary household the local authority can reject reception. In these cases waste can be taken to the regional collection sites of the collective schemes.

End-user businesses

For equipment defined as ’end-user businesses’ local authorities play a different role. Here, producers and importers are basically responsible for collection and subsequent management of the end-of-life equipment. Alternatively, the producer can agree with the purchaser that the latter ensures environmentally correct management of this waste - this is called "transfer of responsibility".

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Transfer of take-back duty

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