Category specific exemptions

  • Filament bulbs

    Lighting equipment/light sources in the form of filament bulbs are subject to an exemption since this product type is phased out in Europe and is no longer manufactured or sold.

  • Large-scale stationary industrial tools

    Large-scale stationary industrial tools are the following: Machines and systems that are not planned to be sold as one independent unit or commercial units. Machines or systems consisting of a combination of equipment, systems, finished products and/or components that each is designed exclusively for industrial use, is permanently assembled by a professional assembler at a given place, in industrial machinery or an industrial building to perform a specific task. Examples of this are platforms, baggage handling systems in airports, lifts.

  • Infected and implanted medical devices

    Equipment in Category 8: "Medical devices" may be covered by the exemption criterion "Implanted and infected products ". Infected equipment is electrical or electronic equipment manufactured for ending its useful life as health-care risk waste and as such being hazardous waste under the Statutory Order on Waste. This may be, for example, a pacemaker or electrodes and probes for single-use purposes.


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