Which businesses must register?

Producers and importers of electrical products must register in the national producer responsibility register with DPA-System in order to legally sell this type of products on the Danish market. The rules on producer responsibility are the same whether the business is a producer or an importer.

Businesses established in Denmark with a Danish CVR/VAT number:

  • producing electrical equipment or having such equipment produced and selling this equipment in their own name/brand on the Danish market.
  • importing electrical equipment from the EU or from outside the EU and selling this equipment on the Danish market.

Foreign businesses established in Denmark not holding a Danish CVR/VAT number:

  • distance selling electrical equipment from an EU member state directly to end-users in Denmark. (Must register with an authorised representative in Denmark).
  • distance selling electrical equipment from outside the EU directly to end-users in Denmark.

Companies importing electrical and electronic equipment for internal use are also subject to producer responsibility. However, there is no requirement for registration since the company itself has the responsibility for environmental treatment and recovery of the equipment at the end of its useful life.

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