Which businesses must register?

Producers and importers of electrical products must register in the national producer responsibility register with DPA-System in order to legally sell this type of products on the Danish market. The rules on producer responsibility are the same whether the business is a producer or an importer.

Businesses established in Denmark with a Danish CVR/VAT number:

  • producing electrical equipment or having such equipment produced and selling this equipment in their own name/brand on the Danish market.
  • importing electrical equipment from the EU or from outside the EU and selling this equipment on the Danish market.

Foreign businesses established in Denmark not holding a Danish CVR/VAT number:

  • distance selling electrical equipment from an EU member state directly to end-users in Denmark. (Must register with an authorised representative in Denmark).
  • distance selling electrical equipment from outside the EU directly to end-users in Denmark.
Last edited: 19/10/2017
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