Registration of new producer

Registration of companies with equipment covered by producer responsibility is done in the registration system on the DPA-System website.

In connection with the registration you will need the following information:

  • Master data, including selling method

  • Product categories and type of end-user of product

  • Brands

  • Quantities placed on the market in kilograms (for new businesses budgeted quantities).

  • Information for reprocessors

When a registration has been made a confirmation must be printed, signed, and submitted to DPA-System before the registration can be finally approved. The confirmation is printed from the registration system.


Registration is statutory for businesses selling electrical and electronic equipment covered by the producer responsibility scope. Therefore it is not legal to sell equipment covered by producer responsibility on the Danish market if the business is not registered in the national producer responsibility register.

Last edited: 27/11/2014

Further information:

Read about registration

It may be a good idea to have all information ready before you start the registration process.

You can make the registration here.

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