All registered producers and importers pay an annual fee for the administration of DPA-System. The fee rates for the DPA-System administrative tasks are fixed and approved by the board of directors of DPA-System and the Minister for the Environment every year. The fee rates are based on the quantities placed on the market as reported annually to DPA-System.

Registration fee

Registration in the producer register costs a one-off fee of DKK 1,000. DPA-System invoices the fee for registration immediately after approval of the registration.

Quantity-based fees

This fee is calculated annually on the basis of reported quantities placed on the market per category. The rate is calculated as the DPA-System budget divided by quantities of electrical equipment placed on the Danish market in the preceding calendar year.

As from 2013 DPA-System has changed units in the presentation of annual fees. The fees are now stated per tonne and not as hitherto in kilograms. This change of method is due to the fact that the use of general rounding rules would mean that the fee would either be too high or too low when rounding the rate in cents and in kilograms.

For quantities below  a certasin weight limit a minimum fee of DKK 250 is levied. 

Last edited: 04/09/2018

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Fees, WEEE 2018

WEEE for DKK per tonnes
Businesses 33.14
Households + fee 10.74 = 43.88

Weight limit for minimum fee 2018


 if <7.5 ton 
250 DKK


if <5.7 ton 
250 DKK

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