Reporting of quantities

In connection with the annual reporting to the DPA-System register producers and importers must report quantities in kilograms of electrical equipment (EE) placed on the market, collected, and environmentally treated during the previous calendar year.

Put-on-market -POM

For the categories under which the producer or the importer is registered he must report how much equipment has been placed on the market in the previous calendar year. Quantities placed on the market must be distributed on type of end-user (‘private household’ and ‘business’) and category.


Also the producer or the importer must report quantities taken back as WEEE in the previous calendar year. The producer/the importer must report the proportion of WEEE is taken back or collected from the following sources:

  • Municipal collection sites 

  • Collective scheme’s collection sites

  • Producer's own take-back

Environmental treatment

The producer or the importer must report quantities of WEEE sent for environmental treatment and to which treatment facilities.  Finally, the rate of efficiency (reuse, recycling or recovery) of the treated quantities must be reported.

Transfer of responsibility and reexport

Producers and importers placing equipment for businesses on the market can enter an agreement with a subsequent level in the distribution chain to transfer its take-back duty. In terms of reporting such agreement is referred to as quantities subject to transfer of responsibility. Furthermore, a company whose products are exported out of Denmark by the next level of the chain may report this reexported quantity and get a refund.

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Further information:

Read about annual reporting

Supplying or making available on Danish market, whether in return for payment or free of charge,
includes leasing.

Take-back and collection of WEEE:
To report WEEE collected from municipal sites a sharing key must be used


  • Reuse and Recycling
  • Incineration with energy recovery
  • Disposal: Landfill or incineration without energy recovery

The sum of Incineration and Recycling makes up Recovery. The rates of Recovery and Recycling are reported to the EU-Commission by the Danish EPA in order to monitor the environmental targets.

Transfer of take-back duty for WEEE and BAT

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