Professional users

It is not legal to put electrical equipment on the market for which nobody has assumed producer responsibility.

Professional users can check whether producers/importers have assumed the statutory producer responsibility for a given electrical product. You can look for the statutory symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin, and you can search for brand or company name in the national producer register in the search field in the upper right-hand corner.

How can professional users reduce WEEE arisings?

Professional users may reduce WEEE arisings by:

  • Buying less products
  • Buying products with a longer useful life, i.e. products that may be upgraded and repaired
  • Replacing operational equipment less frequently.

Professional users may also choose to buy eco-friendly products, for instance products without brominated flame retardants (Source:

How can professional users discard waste electrical products?

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency mentions on their website various options for professional users discarding electrical equipment. You may for instance:

If the used electrical equipment is at the end of its useful life you may:
  • Take it back to the producer/the importer
  • Take it back to the distributor
  • Take it to a recycling company (not for equipment destined for private use)
  • For minor quantities take it to a recycling centre
If the used electrical equipment is operational you may:
  • Take it back to the distributor
  • Donate it to charity
  • Take it to a second-hand shop
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