At the municipal collection sites EEE subject to producer responsibility is collected in the following WEEE fractions and portable batteries.  

New fractions as per 1 September 2018:


Dimension / Specification


1a. Large equipment

More than 50 cm

(cookers, washing machines, clothes dryers etc.)

Large container

1b. Medium equipment

More than 50 cm

 (other than white goods) 


2. Temperature exchange equipment

Contains cooling agents

Large container

3.  Small equipment

50 cm or less


4. Screens and monitors

Incl. equipment with screens equal to or more than 100 cm2


5. Lamps


Barrels and boxes

6. Photovoltaic panels

 Max. 13 pcs per cage


7. Portable batteries



See link on the right-hand side for guidance in measurement of equipment dimensions.

Further to the recast of the WEEE Directive and its implementation in Denmark, the division into fractions has been changed. All the above fractions are subject to producer responsibility and are collected and/or sorted by the municipalities and picked up by the producers/importers. 

Collection equipment

Collection equipment for waste products at the municipal collection sites is supplied by producers/importers (in practice normally their collective schemes). 

Last edited: 20/12/2018

Further information:

Guidance in measurement of equipment

Existing fractions until 1 September 2018:

Fraction 1. Large household appliances

Fraction 2. Cooling appliances

Fraction 3: Small household appliances

Fraction 4. Screens & monitors

Fraction 5. Light sources

Fraction 6. Photovoltaic panels

Fraction 7. Portable batteries

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