At the municipal collection sites the ten product categories of EEE subject to producer responsibility are divided into five fractions.

The five WEEE fractions cover equipment from the following categories:

Fraction 1: Large household appliances


1, 6, 7

Fraction 2: Refrigeration equipment



Fraction 3: Small household appliances


2, 3, 4a, 5a*, 6, 7, 8, 9

Fraction 4: Screens and monitors


3, 4a, 7, 9

Fraction 5: Light sources



Fraction 6: Photo Voltaic Panels ⇒ Category 4b

* Luminaires **Light sources

Portable batteries

With the entry into force of the Battery Order on 1 January 2009 one more fraction emerged: portable batteries. Thereby six fractions are now collected. All fractions are subject to producer responsibility and will be collected and/or separated by the local authorities and picked up by producers/importers.

Collection equipment

Collection equipment for waste products at the municipal collection sites is supplied by producers/importers (in practice normally their collective schemes). Producers/importers seek to standardize at the national level equipment supplied to the local authorities.

Sorting guidelines

DPA-System has drawn up guidelines for correct sorting of WEEE into the 5 fractions and batteries. See details under the link on the right-hand side. 

Last edited: 02/06/2015

Further information:

Equipment used for collection of the 6 fractions: (the decription is in Danish)

Sorting guidelines for WEEE and waste batteries (in Danish) 

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