Allocated collection sites

The allocation period goes from 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018.

In connection with the "annual shift" DPA-System first informs the collective schemes which collection sites they have been allocated. Then the collective schemes must inform the local authorities which hauliers will serve each collection site and each fraction.

Concurrently, the allocation is published on the DPA-System website in the form of a map of Denmark and a searchable outline. The outline states which collective scheme and which operator will collect WEEE and batteries from each collection site in the municipalities. Also, contact information of the collective schemes and their operators is listed.

Corrections and changes may arise so this site is updated continuously. Updated information is also accessible to the local authority through its own LOGIN with DPA-System.


DPA-system reminds local authorities to keep their collection site and collection equipment data up to date in connection with the annual shift.

Last edited: 22/05/2019

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