Local authorities

Local authorities are under the duty to establish collection schemes and collection sites for electrical and electronic waste from private households.

The role of local authorities is defined in annex 9 of the WEEE Order. The annex replaced the so-called framework conditions gathered in a document under the name of Standard agreement.

After a local government reform in January 2007, there are 98 local authorities in Denmark. Each local authority has a number of collection sites that it registers in the DPA-System local authority database. This registration contains, for example, information on contact persons and collection equipment required.

Allocation of WEEE

Once a year DPA-System makes a so-called allocation where producers are allocated each their share of WEEE. These quantities are allocated with a calculation model which is based on reported marketed quantities of equipment with end-users in households.


Local authorities are under the duty to register and maintain data on municipal collection sites in the DPA-System local authority database. In addition, each local authority must collect WEEE from the citizens and sort WEEE into no less than five fractions.

Last edited: 18/06/2018
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