Implications of the new rules for your company

On these pages you can follow the process of implementation of the WEEE Directive Recast (WEEE2). The second part of the amendments are ongoing now and towards the period 2018-2020. On these pages we will publish current information about discussions with stakeholders, up to the final decisions and passing of Danish legislation.

Headines for second part of implementation:

  • New scope - open scope.
  • New product categories and new WEEE fractions.
  • New and more stringent environmental targets.

European cooperation

In view of attaining common consensus among EU Member States on the interpretation of the recast the implementation process is being widely conducted together with other WEEE registers. This cooperation takes place under the European Registers Network (EWRN), and in this connection a number of guiding documents have been drawn up. These documents can be found on these pages.

Last edited: 16/05/2019
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