New in the register

In addition to a make-over of the user interface, the registration and reporting system has been changed according to new and future statutory requirements.

The EU Commission and implementing acts

Delegated acts are issued in large numbers by the EU Commission in connection with the EU’s Circular Economy Strategy. The acts have a status as regulations, which means that they must be implemented directly in line with the legal text.

In the fields of EEE and WEEE there are at the moment two regulations that aim at harmonising across Europe producers’ and importers’ format for registering and reporting. 

This means that the register administered by DPA-System has been changed in line with the regulation. The change must reflect the legal text directly and it means that in the future the producers must register slightly more information in the register than hitherto, including whether they are dealing in distance selling.

Minimum requirements for national producer responsibility schemes

Furthermore, the EU Commission wishes to see a more efficient target achievement under the producer responsibility systems. Therefore, a number of minimum requirements have been set out in the framework legislation for producers and importers in the Member States; one of these requirements reflects the desire to harmonise all producer responsibility areas.

The Danish implementation of the minimum requirements has already been submitted for consultation. As the system had to be changed anyhow, DPA-System has sought to future-proof the reporting format and data quality as cost-effectively as possible.

Reporting declaration

To comply with the minimum requirements for transparency, harmonisation, and quality assurance of data all producers and importers subject to producer responsibility and as from this reporting year must sign a reporting declaration to finalise the annual reporting.

This applies to all product areas and also to members of collective schemes.

Last edited: 04/02/2020

What’s new:

First reporting under the new EEE product categories that were established in 2019.

Describe your way of doing business. Are you dealing in distance selling?

EVERYBODY must log in at least once to confirm the final reporting, also members of collective schemes.

The reporting declaration can only be accessed when all data have been reported by you and/or transferred from a collective scheme or from SKAT.

Do you sell products dependent on electric currents?

DPA-System will help you remembering yours or your auditor’s attestation. 

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