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Letter of notice sent
18. december 2020

Reporting Step-by-step

Annual reporting 2021 -  Please notice

Producers’ and importers’ annual reporting

The annual reporting of quantities sold in 2020 starts 4 January – and ends 31 March 2021. Reporting of volumes sold on the Danish market is made in kilograms (kg) for EE-Equipment and Batteries and in numbers for Vehicles in the national register on www.dpa-system.dk

Remember to sign the 2021-report declaration when the reporting is done.

Member of a collective scheme?
Individual complier?


If your company is a member of one of the collective schemes shown below this scheme will transfer data on your behalf. You do NOT need to make the reporting to DPA-System yourself.

Collective schemes: Elretur,∗ERP,∗LWF,∗Recipo,∗RENE,∗Stena Recycling,∗Returbat. 

NOTE! Producers or importers not affiliated to a collective scheme report themselves -or if distance seller by Authorised Representative (AR) - directly in the register. 

Lack of annual report will cause cancellation of registration

Please notice that the company will be canceled from the producer responsibility register if the reporting has not been made by 31. march at the latest or in accordance with DPA's instructions.

The cancellation causes among other things, that the company can no longer sell the covered products legally in Denmark.

A possible de-cancellation of the registration requires DPA's intervention and presupposes completion of the reporting, as well as payment of a new registration fee.

Regulation related to specific product-groups

ALL electrical equipment put on market must be attested

(EEE producers and importers)

If you place electronic equipment on the market, you must have an authentication of the volumes placed on the market reported to the register. This is done through either a management’s statement or an auditor's attestation. See  All electrical equipment is subject to the requirement for validation and authentication of quantities.

Portable batteries

(Danish importers only)

To be reported before 15 February to Skattestyrelsen (The Danish Tax Agency).

If you import and sell portable batteries in Denmark you must remember to report the number of kilograms sold in 2019 on your company site with Skattestyrelsen.

(The collective scheme CANNOT do it on your behalf) 

Passenger vehicles and light goods vehicles

(Danish importers only)

Importers of automotive vehicles do NOT report the number of imported cars to DPA-System since Skattestyrelsen (The Danish Tax Agency) transfers the number of new and used cars first-time-registered in 2020 to DPA-System.

The car importer must though report the volume (Kg) of imported automotive batteries to DPA-System - also the weight of the ones sitting in the imported vehicles.

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