About DPA-System

DPA-System is short for Danish Producer Responsibility System.

The DPA-System purpose is to develop and run the statutory national producer register and to design and administer a simple and fair producer responsibility scheme for the affected market players.

DPA-System is in charge of administrative tasks associated with the rules on producer responsibility under Danish environmental law regarding electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, and vehicles.

The producer responsibility means that producers and importers of electrical equipment, batteries and vehicles must organise and finance take-back and management of end-of-life products and report information to a central producer register with DPA-System.

Environmental considerations

The rules on producer responsibility take offset in environmental considerations and aim to limit the quantity of WEEE and batteries for disposal.

On the one hand, the objective is to invite producers to produce more environmentally friendly products and on the other hand to increase recycling, recovery, and other forms of utilisation of resources.

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Dansk Producentansvarsystem (Danish Producer Responsibility System) 

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