Payment to SKAT (Tax Administration)

In addition to registration and administration fees to be paid to DPA-System producers and importers of portable batteries are also charged with a payment to SKAT (Danish Tax and Customs Administration). This amount is to cover costs incurred by local authorities relating to collection of portable batteries from private households.

The rate for quantities put on the market in 2013 is DKK 6.10/kg. The Danish EPA publish the annual rate on their homepage, se link on your right.

Who and what?

All producers and/or importers having put portable batteries on the market in the previous year must in the period from early January to 15 February report quantities of portable batteries in kilos to SKAT and pay the amount due from this quantity based on the annual fee rate.

Kilos means the exact weight of batteries or accumulators in kilograms including the weight of the electrolyte, excluding, for instance, the weight of the appliances into which the battery has been incorporated, and excluding the weight of sales packaging, instructions and similar.

Last edited: 19/12/2018

Further information:

Registration with SKAT through Danish Business Authority

Brief guideline for registration with SKAT

Danish EPA's announcement of payment to Tax Authority (Danish only)

Levy rate to SKAT (tax)


5.32 DKK per kg put-on-market


5.27 DKK. per kg put-on-market

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