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All registered producers and importers must pay a fee to DPA-System.

Fees cover a registration fee and a fee for administration of the allocation scheme (only for those dealing in portable batteries) and other administrative tasks. In certain cases a fee for special services may be levied – including handling of incorrect registration.

Fee rates for annual quantities are fixed and approved every year by the board of DPA-System and the Minister for the Environment.

Since DPA-System uses reported data without any further communication with the producer it is very important that data are correct and that the deadline for reporting is observed.

Registration fee

Registration in the producer register costs a one-off fee of DKK 1,000 excl. VAT per registration. If the producer or the importer is already registered in the DPA-System register for WEEE the registration for batteries and accumulators amounts to DKK 500.

DPA-System normally invoices this fee upon receipt of the registration.

Annual and Minimum fee

The annual fee can be replaces by a minimum fee depending on the marketed quantities. These weight limits are also calculated anually. Quantities less or equal to the weight limits shown to the right are levied 250 DKK.

Last edited: 04/09/2018

Further information:

Annual fees 2018

Fee BAT Per tonnes (DKK)



+ fee 79.69

Weight limit for minimum fee 2018

Industrial- and automotive  if <5.9 ton
250 DKK
Portable  if <2.1 ton 250 DKK

Fees to DPA-System (BAT)

Payment to SKAT (Tax Authority) for portable batteries

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