Producers and importers of batteries and accumulators in Denmark are subject to producer responsibility and are thereby under the duty to register with DPA-System. Producers and importers means anyone placing batteries and accumulators on the Danish market as the first level in the distribution chain, including such batteries that are incorporated into appliances or vehicles.

This registration – and the producer responsibility – entail among others certain economic consequences, which are described on the following pages.  

Fees to DPA-System

All registered producers and importers must pay a fee to DPA-System. This fee consists of a registration fee, a fee for administration of the allocation scheme (for those dealing in portable batteries) and other administrative tasks.

Payment to SKAT

All producers and importers are charged with a payment for quantities of portable batteries and accumulators put on the market. This payment is levied by SKAT (Danish Tax and Customs Administration) and is to cover costs incurred by local authorities in relation to collection of batteries.

Other costs

According to the producer responsibility scheme producers and importers must mark their equipment and inform users and reprocessors of equipment on correct disposal of waste batteries and accumulators. In addition, producer responsibility entails a duty to collect waste batteries and accumulators and secure its environmentally correct reprocessing.

Producers and importers of portable batteries and accumulators must furthermore conduct public information campaigns – extent and frequency depend on quantities of batteries put on the market.

Duties under the producer responsibility scheme thus entail a number of different administrative tasks and economic obligations. (See following pages)

Last edited: 05/08/2011
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