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What is Nem-Id?
1. It is required by the Danish State through the National Digital Strategy that all Danish companies must have a special access (NemID) to all public platforms.

When you are registered with a Danish VAT no. (CVR no.) the Danish Producer Responsibility Register the It-system expect you also to have a NemID certificate. Please see explanation here:

This also mean that if you enter the register on behalf of a customer or company with Danish VAT.no you must have a NemID certificate either as a business employee file or as a keycard.

2. Please consult your Danish department/colleagues to help you solve this. They can for example designate you to the company NemID so you have your own access.

NB! Remember first you must LOGIN with your existing LOGIN details at the right corner. After that you can attach your Danish access certificate NemID.
Log på med NemID
NemIDLoginTxt1All with Danish VAT.no must use NemID access.
If you can't see NemID fields, please update your Java


LoginTitleLog on with Login and Password

NemIDLoginTxt3All companies outside Denmark
without a Danish VAT.nr (CVR.no)
must log on using login
and password.


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